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Premium Jersey Cotton Scarf/Hijab with Lace Ending

Premium Jersey Cotton Scarf/Hijab with Lace Ending

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This scarf is lightweight, breathable and will pair perfectly with any outfit. Although the material is a jersey cotton feel it is a little bit lighter in weight than the original jersey scarfs/hijabs. But still, when you need something quick and quaint, something to just throw on and go, this is the scarf/hijab you'll want to pick.

There are many solid colors to choose from which make it easy to quickly match with your outfit. Although there is stretch to it, you want to make sure to care for it properly.

Machine wash cold and dry on low to avoid too much shrinkage. Remember when washing your scarfs/hijabs, you want to make sure that you wash them all together, only with other scarfs/hijabs to avoid any damage that could possible occur.

Size is a rectangle which is  60*170cm. 

Please refer to the color chart when choosing which color you'd prefer.


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