How Modesty Marketplace uses cookies?
Modesty Marketplace uses cookies in order to remind you the selections you have made and to personalize your use of website/mobile application/mobile site.

This use includes the cookies that save your password and enable your website/mobile application/mobile site logins to constantly keep open, thus to save you from the effort of entering passwords for several times for each visit of yours, and the cookies that remember and recognize you at your next visits to the website/mobile application/mobile site.

Including the identification of how you use the website/mobile application/mobile site such as from where and through which devices you connect to the electronic trading platforms operated by Modesty Marketplace, which content you display on the website/mobile application/mobile site and your duration of visit, cookies are used for identifying how you use the website/mobile application/mobile site.

Cookies are used for offering more suitable content with your fields of interest and for you, in other words, with the purpose of targeted advertisement/promotion. Modesty Marketplace offers you more suitable contents and personal campaigns and products matching the information obtained through cookies with your personal data and does not offer you the contents or opportunities that you have previously stated that you do not want.

How Modesty Marketplace uses third-party cookies for advertising and re-targeting purposes
Modesty Marketplace may also use cookies in order to enable the use of "advertising technology" to offer you advertisements that Modesty Marketplace thinks may be relevant to you when you visit search engines, the websites, mobile applications or mobile sites of the electronic trading platforms operated by Modesty Marketplace and/or the websites on which Modesty Marketplace advertises. Advertising technology uses the information regarding your previous visits to the website/mobile application/mobile site and the websites/mobile applications/mobile sites on which Modesty Marketplace advertises for being able to offer personal advertisements for you. In the course of offering these advertisements, a unique third-party cookie may be placed on your browser to enable Modesty Marketplace to recognize you.

In addition, your e-mail address from your personal data is shared with these platforms with the purpose of offering you the advertisements that you may be interested in on social media platforms and creating a special target group. Your e-mail address is forwarded through secure channels and media provided by these platforms. Social media platforms use your e-mail address only for matching process by hashing it. Your e-mail address may not be shared with third parties or other advertisers and is deleted from the systems of social media platforms as soon as possible after the matching process is completed.

Cookie Management
You may use your right to allow or decline following the following steps according to the type of your internet browser and getting information about the cookies.

Google Chrome: Clicking the "lock sign" or the letter "i" on the "address section" of your browser, you may allow or block the cookies from the "Cookie" tab.

Internet Explorer: Clicking the "Security" tab on the "Tools" section at the upper right corner of your browser, you may do your cookie management as "allow" or "do not allow".

Mozilla Firefox: Click the "open menu" tab at the upper right corner of your browser. Clicking the image of "Options" and using the "Security and Privacy" button, you may do your cookie management.

Safari: Selecting the "Safari" tab in the "Settings" section of your telephone, you may do the cookie management from the section of "Security and Privacy".

If you decline persistent cookies or session cookies, you may still use the website/mobile application/mobile site; but you may not be able to access or you may have limited access to all functions of the website/mobile application/mobile site. The mentioned situation may be different in the mobile application.

Cookie Types
The cookies given in the following table are used on the websites/mobile applications/mobile sites of the electronic trading platforms operated by Modesty Marketplace, according to the purpose of use. Using these cookies, Modesty Marketplace identifies the distinguishing characteristics of its Subscribers and separating the Subscribers into major groups with the purpose of offering campaigns and advertisements suitable with the preferences and interests and performs statistical studies for identifying the spending habits such as average spending amount, age, gender, shopping categories and mobile usage rate.

Definition of Cookie

Purpose of Use

Session Cookie

Session cookies aim the user to login to the system using the user information and to do shopping with personal information and the transfer of information between various pages.

Analysis Cookies

Analysis cookies are stored for the purpose of matching the information of the pages on which the user surfs. The data stored here is used for increasing the future user experience of the site and for eliminating the technical problems that may arise.

Anonymous User Identifier Cookies

This information is used for storing the selected language and country and recognizing the user in the following visits and displaying content according to the language and country previously selected.

Advertisements and Third Party Cookies

These cookies are used for identifying the anonymous user information of the advertisers and suppliers of the website.
The purposes of use of such cookies are to remember your visit options, displaying relevant and personalized advertisements and limiting the number of advertisements, and to measure the efficiency of advertisement campaigns.